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Electric Love Promotional Poster 1st May 2009

Electric Love Promotional Poster 1st May 2009

>> James Tran to Electriclove

I would like to rsvp for this fridays electric love event with the following names as well:
<my list of names>

thank you. can i also ask what dress code is?

Kind Regards,

>> Electric to me

Hey James,

Dress code is smart,

Trademark have a reputation for being tight on the door, collared shirt/dress shoe’s etc,

You/your friends have been placed on the General RSVP list for free entry before 11pm,
Hope to see you there

>> James to Electric
thank you for the info. just confirming its 11pm not 12am as stated in the promo poster? what is the price thereafter?

>> Electric to me

Hi James,

Apologies – it is free before midnight and $12 thereafter. Please be sure to advise your guests to mention your name at the door as it will be marked as part of the competition.

Thanks and good luck man

>> James to Electric


I used the information below to dress exceptionally well as well as with my friends, but on arrival (around 11.20pm)  could not get in.

I was first asked if I had a guestlist. I did confirm my name, but my name was not found. No guestlist under my name was there either. After this first hurdle, was then told that there was a private event on and that we weren’t allowed in – this begs the question – why did she not say this in the first place? Less than a few minutes later we observed a group of other men enter the club, without the girl questioning them. however i don’t know if they had previously entered the club with a stamp or what not. In any case I wasn’t happy

In any case, please fix up the guestlisting system, as we wasted our night.

Thank you.


no reply.


WHERE ON F**KING EARTH DOES IT SAY “We have a private function on tonight and you’re not allowed in. It’s the fashion palette after party! But send your guestlists anyway for free entry before 12”. RIGHT.

Also where does it say in his tight door policy email “OH BY THE WAY IF YOU AIN’T WHITE, WE AIN’T LETTING YOU IN TONIGHT!!”

It was implied and diplomatically handled with a non-response after 10 days.

Best new club of 2008
More like best new racist door policy club since Dragonfly. Not that many of you are affected, but I would like to hope that this post will let non-caucasians others know about Fridays at Trademark before deciding to go.

Strategy to get in (yet to try, but has worked at Dragonfly)
The only strategy is to go in 1 by 1, or in couples, separated at different intervals, and / or before 10pm (if its open then).

7 Responses to Rejected from Electric Love @ Trademark Hotel

  1. Anika says:

    This is one good looking, sexy theme, love it! What theme are you using?

  2. dr_stoopid says:

    We’re going to do Trademark. And totally rape it’s dancefloor. And we’ll rape it before we even get in. On the sidewalk. And rape it again once we’re inside.

    And we’ll rape the door staff just for kicks. And because the theme of this comment is rape.

  3. James says:


  4. […] name” Oh wow – $10 for anyone who can guess why we were turned away. Oh, here’s a CLUE. Look what happened to them. They’ve moved onto a new event already! Some Melbourne house […]

  5. s says:

    is this good for an 18th???? with about 50 guests?

    • James says:

      Electric Love is no longer running on Fridays. Instead the eVe event runs here on Fridays.

      Last time I went the place wasn’t too full, but at least you will get bar service quicker if you have your 18th here. Dress code is a little tight though if they have a busy night.

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