Easter Sunday @ Space Nightclub

On April 11, 2009, in RnB, Space (Sydney), Trance, by James Tran

Leadup: Walking around finding a club
We had NO IDEA where to go. We went to Cargo – it was $20 to get in. Bungalow 8 – there was a SHE event. It looked pretty good from outside, but it wasn’t dancey enough for us. We were looking for a good place to get in, preferably without paying. We even went to Shark Hotel – there was no DJ tonight! We walked to St. James. The organiser was outside, redirecting everyone to Space. He admitted that there weren’t enough people so they moved them all to space. Space?? *Cringe!*! We went to Nevermind Nightclub. (By now we had walked around for about an hour) and I was keen to get in. Bouncer said it was $15 with about 50 people inside. There was even RNB music! Ok, we went upstairs towards the entry booth. Some girls were leaving, and we asked if it was good inside. They said “its not good, but its not bad either”. “So its shit then” we reply, “yeah, its shit”. The guy at the counter said it was $25 to get in. It was 10.30 pm and he wants to add extra!! $15  entry only applied between 9-10pm. Considering there were about 60 people inside, we left, and went to Space.

Easter Sunday @ Space Nightclub
Address: 127 Liverpool St, Sydney
Entry Free / Cover Charge: $20
Dress Code: Casual. Hats allowed

300 people in the club! Bouncer’s honour..
The bouncer at Space told me “Theres 300 people inside the club. Are you sure you want to go in?”.
“I guess so” I say

“You guess so? Theres 300 people inside the club! It’s packed!!” Did he not us to go in?
I ask my friends “So, do you guys want to go in?”
“We walked for an hour, lets just go in”
Bouncer to my friends “are you sure? theres 300 people inside!!”
The bouncer even kindly pointed out that his hand counter had clicked 500 people entering. The exit bouncer had 200 clicks, which made for 300 people inside. He was messing with us the whole time! grr..

I really wonder why we even bothered arguing with the bouncer and his counter. We went inside and paid the $20…

Hardstyle room
The doors open and present us with a tragic scene. About 5-10 ravers on the hardstyle floor. So dead!

RNB room
Holy crap! Where was the 300 rnb warriors? We only could count at most 100 people. Half the room was filled, and I was very disappointed. Did the bouncer lie to us? Why would he do such a thing? The missing 200 probably escaped through the secondary exit via the stairs.

The first thing that came to our heads was “we should have paid the extra $5 to go to nevermind nightclub!” and rightly so. Things weren’t looking good

It was average to poor. There weren’t many girls, and of the lot that were there.. they were all 18 year olds who couldn’t dance that well. Except, there was this one girl who we danced with, only cause she had flats on. Her friends looked at us in awe as boys we danced with such skill.

In any case most asians here probably had no other choice to go to or didn’t know of any other place to go on a Sunday for some asian rnb clubbing.  Literally there were no other rnb events on for these poor asian children.

Other than that the music choice was good, no complaints.

Left when there were about 15 people left ~ 2.30am, wondering why we ever came here. Easter Sunday @ st james 2 years ago was packed to the rafters. I don’t know what happened. Disappointed.

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