Heard so many things about this place. I had the chance to go here tonight for a friends 21st.

The Mean Fiddler

Address: Corner Commercial Road and Old Windsor Road, Rouse Hill.
About: 1 main room playing house. Go to the back and there is a lower level dance area where the special DJs play. This area is cut off from the general public, and requires payment to enter. Payment tonight was $15, but after 1.30am or so, it was a free for all for anyone to come and go. There is a further rnb room, which was quite small, (and hot).. and further out back another room for rock. So, in total, 4 rooms and 8 bars. This place was massive.

Cover Charge: General Areas Free , Cordened off area $15
Attire: Casual allowed. Hats allowed, but I was told off once by a bouncer to remove my hat in one of the main rooms.
Crowd: Mostly australian/ white.
Atmosphere: Friendly (for me anyway)

Arrived 11pm, after a 2 hour bus trip ordeal (bus driver told me off, and a guy on the bus spewed all over himself)

My first impression was ‘wow this place is freaking huge’, and then ‘i can’t believe its in the middle of nowhere.’ A big place like this in the middle of nowhere.. you would think there wouldn’t be many people, but it was packed, believe me. You could go to any of the dance areas and have a good time, or if you wanted you could go outside and just have a chill.

I avoided her friends
Birthday girl arrived. I didn’t t really get along with her aussie friends. I don’t know why.. they were an established group of friends and i was this outsider. They never really had the interest to get to know me, and I didn’t reciprocate. They didn’t even buy her birthday drinks. I was the only one who did. They all left her at 1am, and so she hung out with me for 2 hours of dance. Dancing is always fun with James :)

Other than that, met some random girls from Campbelltown who liked my trusty white hat. It was their first time too at the Fiddler. Seemed like many of the people I would bump into tonight would be their first or second time here. We had our own little group which eventually tripled in size and we were all dancing, and sweating like pigs in the rnb room. Horrible stuff, sweating.

Some guy didnt like me:
Downstairs in the outdoor house area, I was dancing with birthday girl and this huge tall guy dances up to me and dances. I dance back and smile. He’s not smiling at all. He then forms a fist in his hand and pretends to hit me in the head as part of his dance move,  like a boxer. So not funny. I give him the best ‘wtf you weirdo’ look i could muster up, and jesus christ, I have no idea why, he went away, but comes back 2 minutes later and tries to fake punch me again. Don’t know what was up his ass. just LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.

Some guy repeats his hat trick – with my hat
It’s me and birthday girl. She’s wearing my hat. Some guy comes up and asks for hat. She says no, as its my hat. He takes the hat and does a one handed lay-up with the hat onto his head.  Nice. Then he does it again, and finds some group of girls and repeats it. Boring. He gives the hat back.

2 or 3 songs later he comes up again to us and says ‘let me show u a trick’, and he performs the exact same thing. omg hello did you not just show us that!!! Got anything new????

But no. We leave and come back after 30 minutes, and he says ‘LET ME SHOW U A TRICK’. omfg HE DOES THE SAME TRICK AGAIN. WTF!!!!!!!!!  OK WE CAN SEE U CAN PUT UR HAT ON . GO AWAY NOW.

Freaking out girls
I had a wig on. One that looked real. All I remember is a girl telling me the hat didnt fit on me. So I said, it probabably looks better if “I took this off”, and proceeded to rip off my wig. My god she yelled so loudly and jumped back it wasn’t funny. Then it was funny. You should try it one day.


Nearing the end of the night, the bouncers closed off each area one by one – first it was the rock area, then the outdoor area , then the rnb room, then eventually they kicked everybody out by 2.45am. Efficient. The line for the taxi was 100-200 people deep.

Highly recommended with friends. It’s up there for the top 5 venues in Sydney.  Definitely the best outside of the CBD/Kings Cross that I’ve been to so far.

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3 Responses to Easter Saturday @ The Mean Fiddler (10th April 2009)

  1. Eleonor says:

    Hey hey! I really enjoyed reading your night out at The Fiddler! Especially about the hat trick man! 😀 I haven’t been to the Fiddler in quite sometime and I’ve never been to the sectioned off area. Next time you decide to go let me know I might just tag along (if you don’t mind tag a longs). I agree that dancing with James is always fun. It was good to catch up with you last Friday too! You almost pulled of being a waiter (quite a good British-gay accent you had going on)! I won’t forget that! Take care and see you ’round again soon.

  2. dr_stoopid says:

    I want to do the Fiddler!

    Just name a date and I’m there! [Not this Saturday though since I got that wedding anniversary]

    Bring Eleanor ^^ she looks like a lot of fun. 😀

  3. James says:

    Was meaning to go with Derek one day, since he has a car and all, but it hasn’t come to fruition yet.

    Will set up another rendevouz with the fiddler sometime next year!

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