Easter Thursday @ cargo bar

Going for a dance at cargo bar –

As usual it was the same crowd, and the same music. Nothing wrong with that – it’s a nice place to go!
Crowd: 20s
Attire: Smart Casual. Casual not allowed. Hats allowed.
Atmosphere: Busy, loud, bustling.

Music was good. Usual house classics, and the occasional mixed up rnb song. Being the night of the start of the long weekend, it was pretty busy.

Soon C came along with a dancing buddy and all 5 or 6 of us had a little circle and danced it off. Everyone drools again at C’s dancing. A true dancing gem.

One of my friends used his dancing to get going with a girl, and I managed to find another girl to dance off with. We agreed to take her to an RnB club in sydney but she didn’t know where the good ones were. Lucky she met me! We’ll be hitting up some random rnb club soon.

Left at closing time 3am. Always a nice place to go!

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