Bungalow 8

Music: house with DJ and separate drummer.
Crowd: People in their 20s. Smart Casual.
Cover: None
Atmosphere: Crowded, Friendly
Attire: Casuals not allowed. Smart casual. Hats allowed.

Got in around 11pm and soon started to dance. The small floor space was packed, but only noticed something – it was well lit – you could see everyone’s. This perhaps made it less of a typical club.

Music was similar to Cargo where they have a bongo player – here they had a drummer, but it was more jazzy.

Hat blues Tonight decided to wear my white hat. As expected, random drunk people were stealing it all the time.

Cockblock gets angry at me
A  drunk girl puts my hat on a second girl. Lets call her Drunko. Drunko starts dancing with her new found hat. Two girls next to me say “I think you have to dance with her to get your hat back” – oh the things I do.  So I walked up and smiled at her, and danced for a few seconds. Then her cockblock of a girlfriend comes up and takes her away and gives me a death stare that could boil water, and says “She’s not interested”. They walk away with my hat. I follow her and Drunko. Drunko is still playing with my hat. Drunko’s friend turns and tells me yet again in a more pissed off and angry voice.

“NO, She’s not interested, OK???”. “I’m just getting my hat” , as I finally get it back.
She looks at me and realises, but can’t admit to a quick apology. She was right though –  I was going to crack onto Drunko if she wasn’t there.

I’m not tall enough
Met another girl who stole my hat, lets call her Peru. Peru and I get along. Peru and I dance, Puru and i swap number. Peru and I hold hands. Peru and I dance more. However, Peru is taller than me, and Peru sees another man taller than her and can’t keep her eyes off him. It was totally obvious. Game over.

My friends had left so I call trusty C togo somewhere else..

<Dancing outside of Cargo Bar>
I was inside Cargo for a bit waiting for C. Packed as usual, I couldn’t find a nice spot for myself to dance. It’s still a nice place to go to.

Met C outside and we wait for her friends. It takes 30 minutes, so during this time I forced her to dance on the pier walkway while the music blares out of Cargo bar. Amused passersby take photos, and drunk guys come up and dance with us and crack onto C.

Embarrasingly a client of mine from Work walked on by, and we recognized each other. She hurried along laughing – she probably thinks now I’m a dancing lunatic who pops pills.

Brooklyn hotel
I convinced C we should go to Brooklyn. It was the only other free place nearby which played RNB.
Music: RNB in the front, House in the back.
Crowd: Mixed. Casual.
Cover: None
Atmosphere: Friendly
Dress: Casual, No hats.

We dance a bit in the RNB. C blindly hit the other girls as usual. They didn’t look too happy. Other girls loved her dancing nd we all do a bit of a dance.

We went out back and one of my favoruite songs “This is where the party’s at” by Tonite Only starts to play. I jump out from inside and start to dance. I didn’t realise I jumped right into a dance circle!  I am surrounded by about 10 people and everyone immediately starts pumping their legs off. Loving it. The circle was just a bunch of different people, and someone would always jump in and dance. It was unusally friendly – might have been because it was outdoors in the back, and we could see everything. It was really fun. Even C, who doesnt like House music that much, got caught up in the spirit.

We dance more in the RNB room and get to know some our new dance buddies. They’re asian, but they’re from France. How bizarre. Swapped details and they were very eager to hang out once more another night.

Left around 4am due to pure exhaustion. Nice place to meet people.

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