Star Bar Fridays

On August 29, 2008, in Hip Hop, RnB, Studio One (Star Bar), by James Tran

Me and Clarissa have dinner at Star Bar (cheap) and everyone crashes it. We all end up staying and dancing..

Entry: Free before 10pm. Thereafter only guestlists
Crowd: Predominantly Asian. Due to tight door policy there is a good mix of girls and guys.
Atmosphere: Fun on the floor
Music: Video Dj playing rnb and hip hop

Opening the floor
I feel comfortable at Star Bar for some reason… when the music started playing nobody was up, there was just a small purple circular light on the floor. I jumped on down and paraded danced a little jig around it. Willa joined me, and so did 3 other random people… At first, you could feel the people watching.. but they were in the distance.. we were in our little 1×1 circle.. 5 people squished.. trying to dance. From then on the floor slowly but surely became packed.

Crazy flat tummy man shows up again
We’re dancing and we hear some girls yelp behind. We look behind us and guess who it is – it’s the same guy from Cheers last week!! Brojo recognizes him straight away. He’s got his cheesy grin on, and is pretty willing to grind on those poor random girls.. we say hello to him but he shies away.. a bit embarrassed he’s been caught out doing his thing. Unfortunately we don’t see him do his “show off my flat tummy” move.

Since it was a large group, we took turns dancing with each other.. it was quite fun.. well I enjoyed it somewhat… probably because of the good ratio of men to women here, and we were all dancing.. especially the girls ( I did mention that didn’t I ?)

A nice free place if you like your asians and can get in..

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