We just finished an all you can eat pizza.. and feeling really really lethargic we decide to head to some clubs… we were thinking of St James.. but that was overdone latey – and Roof bar / Skygardens shut its doors on Saturday (presumably forever).

We got in and there were 3 mature ladies dancing on their own. Besides their 4 friends on the side not dancing, there were no other girls in the club. We bought a drink each and sat down then skulked about the start of a crap night… we see an old couple walk by outside, look inside and immediately walk out again. I didnt even jiggle my butt in there.

Got here about 11.30. and it was fairly busy, but only one or two people dancing on the floor. I do a bit of a dance, and people were looking. The scary thing about Cheers is that there are people literally bordering the dancefloor staring at you drinks in their hand – you have no breathing room, and its really intimidating. I still have yet to brave dancing here alone. Eventually it got really packed.

Stripper man dance move
We’re dancing and we hear screams. A random guy behind us is grinding against a random girl. She’s screaming but keeps going, as she secretly likes it. Everyone just stares at him. You can actually hear him say “yeah thats right, that’s all i want, a little dance”, like a pedophile – I couldnt stop laughing.. it was crazy awesome. He then pulls up his shirt to show off his flat tummy.. poor girl nearly fainted and her friends pulled her away. Everyone gave him props.

After this the pizza was getting to us.. we left for…

Shark Bar / Hotel
Two shit clubs so far, it would be fun to make it 3 in a row. We got in, and there was already a group of guys taking all the girls. They had already established a circle and were doing crazy shit. Needless to say, we ran out of energy after about 5 or 6 songs. There was nobody in here worth even looking at.

We left and called it a night at 1.30am. Pathetic, and easily the worst night out clubbing this year. Should have gone to Side bar to finish it off.


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