Flux @ Lady Lux .. rejected

On August 22, 2008, in Clubbing Thoughts, by James Tran

the DJ tonight was Carl Kennedy… basically asked everyone I knew who liked house music to come along

(11.30pm) Got to the door. They had just let in some scruffy guys in.

The door lady threw the “are you on the guestlist” excuse. Like fuck of course not, there wasnt any specified on the facebook event page. So no we didn’t get in at 11.30 (dead hour).. which was stupid. They let some scraggy looking guys in but not us? I wonder what the door policy was that night for them to give us the guestlist excuse. Fuck that shit, it was raining and we were all wet, and not happy.

Probable conversation:
“Who’s that sexy guy outside the door?”
“It’s James!! Don’t let him in”
“his dancing prowess will make the others feel really shit and jealous. Ban that fucker. He’d probably give a shit review about us anyway”

So we went to Star City casino and I won $100 at blackjack. Hooray.

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