A night out for a friends birthday for drinks at Bungalow 8… and by sheer luck there happened to be a weekly night for dancing.

About Bungalow 8
Location: King St Wharf, Darling Harbour
Website: www.bungalow8sydney.com
Inside: It’s a bar/ restaurant… some floor is cleared inside for dancing on Saturdays with DJ’s

About Bungalow Nights
Music: Commercial House, from 2 years ago and earlier
Crowd: Mature, White
Dress Code: Smart Casual, but I did spot someone dressed pretty casual with just a t-shirt.
Cover Charge / Entry Fee: Nil
Occurence: Every Saturday
Website: www.bungalow8sydney.com
Atmosphere: Crowded but fun


When I go clubbing, I don’t like to consume alcohol at all. It really hampers the dance moves. However I had about 3 glasses of wine (I’m a cadbury) and after feeling quite tipsy.. I was asked to come join the dancing frenzy … I tried my best to dance but just ended up with the occasional hand movements and body swaying.. but somehow it still looked okay. I guess I’m harsh on myself.

The DJ was playing house.. I think there were bongos as well similar to Cargo, but I can’t remember.  I knew all the words to all the songs.. because they were mostly tunes I heard from old Ministry of Sound CD’s from 1 or 2 years ago. Interesting that the DJ didnt play the modern commercial house songs… it did bring up happy feelings of nostalgia. Special K didnt know the songs, so couldn’t sing along. Neither did the other girls .. they were all off their chops.

A strange way to get rid of the hiccups
Celia had drank too fast and got the hiccups. She asked me to hold her ears. I held them. She then said I wasnt holding her ears hard enough, and that I should pull her ears out. Well, she seemed to know what she was talking about, so I pulled them out. Then she bent over to my waist height … then drank some more beer from her bottle….

How on earth is bending over in front of someone’s crotch with him grabbing your ears then taking a gulp of beer supposed to fix your hiccups?

Needless to say that didn’t work, and bouncers asked her to leave. Luckily she switched to a glass of water and promised to only drink water the rest of the night.

We left shortly after, since all of the girls were trashed, except birthday girls cousin. It was 1.30, and the small floor was still packed with people. The music makes a nice component of a night out dancing.

I’ve also realised after tonight that I really miss House music clubs.. it’s been quite a while since I’ve been.

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