Richards on the Park

On March 22, 2008, in House, Richards on the Park, RnB, by James Tran

I was bored, intoxicated and on the train home from a wedding at Cabramatta (Yeah, typical viet). I gave Wuz a call. She was in Canley Vale at Richards on the Park! I heard music in the background … she says it’s not a club but I can dance.

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Richards on the Park
Entry: Free
Music: RnB, House
Crowd: Entirely Asian

Not much really happened. The ‘floor’ had about 3 small circles.. so about 15 people dancing. However it felt comfortable and crowded for some reason.

I was wearing a full suit and a fedora hat from the wedding. I was overdressed in this westie club with the casual clothers. I felt all the eyes looking at me. It was fun doing a bit of a dance. Shame the DJ stopped at 1am!!!


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