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On December 24, 2007, in Carmens, House, RnB, by James Tran

Clubbing Spree Night 4…

Everything in the city was closed after midnight according to 3D world and The Brag. Han called me to say Hunter bar had only 4 people in it, so the city was not an option.

The only place that was open in the magazine was Carmen’s. The catch – it was located south near Cronulla in the middle of Miranda, an hour’s drive from my house. I had my doubts but the feet were craving the dance. Gave the guys at Carmen’s a call .. they said Christmas Eve was their busiest night… I drive down…

[ Xmas Eve @ Carmen’s ]

Location: 590 Kingsway, Miranda (Miranda Hotel)
Cover Charge: $15
Music: Mostly house, some rnb songs were added to the equation
Atmosphere: Party, relaxed
Crowd: White
Pre Arrival Goss: Apparently an easy place to hook up with someone.

About Carmens:
During the day it is Miranda Hotel. On entry is the dancefloor. Medium in size, lots of people were dancing. Looked like fun. A bar was along the wall. Behind the bar was the outdoor smoking area, and pool tables. On the side were lounges and plenty of space to chill.. tonight these areas werent really busy.. it was just the dance floor. The floor had 2 small podiums at the front that could hold 2 people max.

front with 2 podiums

Music pumping from outside. No line. I got in no problems. Busy inside. Started dancing. It was about an even ratio of guys to girls.

I don’t think I brang any accessories this night, because I don’t have any photos of me with anybody. I think during the entire night the only way women were leaving the club was with a guy around their arm. Everybody was hooking up here.

The DJ started playing the Salmon Song by Chemical Brothers. “Put your hands to the side / as silly as it seems / and shake your body like a salmon floating upstream” … so I did exactly that during the entire song. I always do this. Nobody else was doing it or got it, so people were probably thinking I was a bit of a douche. Apparently one guy loved it so much he made me go up on the podium to do the salmon dance, and continue dancing into the next song.

Late into the night and everybody is making out inside or left to continue shannanigans.. it was a whole lot of guys left. A girl was doing the proximity thing with me, but she was also doing another guy so I thought they were to hook up. My failure to do the first dance move on her provoked her to physically tap me on the shoulder and dance with me. Didn’t last long. I didn’t even say a word. Probably a “hello” and some funny convo would have gotten me into bed… I was feeling really closed tonight.


There was another guy in the club, a regular. I forget his name .. he has this dance move named after him. He tried to teach me. It involed crossing some of your fingers, then doing a cross-wave thing, then… gosh I forget an arm slap or something! He loved it. He got me to perform it simultaneous with the DJ at the front and they loved it. Ha ha, that was fun.

The club was set to close 3am but ended up being 3.40am or something ridiculous. Constant repetition of the DJ saying “final ten minutes! Yes I know I said this 10 minutes ago..” kept us going. I think the final song was Daft Punk’s “one more time” .. a song I have been constantly hearing the previous few nights – It must be a popular one amongst DJ’s.

Outside the club some car hit a bench where people were sitting. Nobody was hurt, but about 8 of the guards chased the driver down the street.

anyway I would consider going back here if I was in the area. I wouldn’t trek an hour in the car to visit again though, as there is nothing else open to feed your hunger once you leave the place.


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