Promiscuous Disco @ Dragonfly

On December 23, 2007, in House, The Tunnel (Dragonfly), by James Tran

Clubbing Spree Night 3…

Out with Han, looking for a club. A man passes us a flyer to Dragonfly. Free entry. Han was wearing dodgy shoes… but somehow we got in! Sunday must be relaxed ..

[ Promiscuous Disco @ Dragonfly ]
Cover Charge – Free
Door Policy – Relaxed
Music – House
Crowd – Young, dominantly white, no flouros.
Atmosphere – Good, busy

[ Timeline ]
This was my first time clubbing with Han. He totally dissed my brand new (Ben Sherman!) shoes and wasn’t too eager about peacocking with the sunnies. I forced him wear the silly sunglasses and in a few minutes he had a random girl ask to take a photo. He didn’t want to give back the sunglasses back to me after that.. he was walking around like king dingaling dancing with everyone!

Han and random

So we spent most of the night just dancing away. It was quite packed for a club on a Sunday.. though it was the holiday season. I only managed to dance with some guys as far as I can remember.. Han was doing much better. I think the crowdiness makes it more difficult to meet people here – Too many dancers and not enough drinkers.. fun times!


I took a rest in the side room with the sunnies on and saw the bouncer guy walk in looking at me. I made sure I started tapping on the sofa to prevent an exact repeat of what happened at Martin Place Bar during ‘Karma 3‘ – I was kicked out for sleeping that night.

Half an hour later Han calls me from outside Dragonfly. He had got kicked out for sleeping.

On my way out one of the security personnel told me I was not allowed to wear the sunnies inside the club. Mueh.

This is still probably the only packed club to head to on a Sunday if you want to do an all nighter.

kicked out and still smiling
Han .. Kicked out but still smiling ~ 3am


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