The Booty Bar @ Club Neo

On December 1, 2007, in Hip Hop, RnB, The Office Hotel, by J T

It was Amy’s and Sophie’s birthday..

[Club Neo]
By Day it’s the Office Bar. At night it’s Club Neo. Corner of Erskine and Kent St, it’s easy to spot.
On the website it states Club Neo having 2 floors but tonight only one floor was open.

On entry, the bar is on the left. A pool table at the back, DJ booth at the front. TV screens are everywhere. The corner is used for outdoor smoking.

DJ Area

In general it is a small venue when only one floor is open. Smaller than Martin Place Bar.. just. At least you have a pool table here.

[The Booty Bar]
Music: RnB on the bottom floor. Upper floor closed for other events. House came very late into the night.
Occurence: Every 2 weeks
Cover Charge: $15 on “VIP” guestlist before midnight. $20 otherwise.
Crowd: Mixed bag of everything.
Atmosphere: Busy and pumping. MC kept things rolling
Entertainment: Later in the night some singers did a rap song or two to break things up.

(11pm – 2am)
Two lines. The VIP Guestlist line and the normal line. In a line of about 10 people it took about 20 minutes to finally get in. I met 3 of Amy’s friends. A guy and two girls. The guy has to leave at midnight and I’m left with the two girls. I felt awkward dancing with them because I didn’t really have much conversation with them. The guy did most of the talking. But I couldn’t leave them.. I wasn’t really familiar with Amy’s other friends either! Eventually I got comfortable dancing with them, and we had fun !

Julia & Friend

I basically stuck with them dancing all night. They were pretty keen on some podium time which was good too. This is a shot of the crowd from the podium:
From the podium
There was also another smaller podium which was pretty much a table I think..

Hat troubles
I brang my hat that night, and basically it was taken off my head after 5 minutes by a little man in a red shirt. He ran around with my hat on his head, and tapped girls on the shoulder. They would turn around and see him, everytime turning back again. Something I would probably do if I was drunk. After an hour of my hat being missing, we finally found him and had to convince him to give back the hat to me. He was so sure that it was his friend’s hat.

After putting the hat back on, Sophie took it off me just as quickly. The hat was then worn by basically every girl there. My hat was being passed around like it was a piece of attire to be taken advantage of, then dumped after whoring it out for photos aplenty. I even saw a guy take my hat and tried to use it to pick another girl up by putting on hers. Eventually once my precious came back to me, it was sweaty and reeked of everything body odour possible.

Buffy returns
The girls departed 1:30, and I danced with the rest of Amy’s friends the rest of the night. I bought Amy a drink and she rewarded me by giving me a very intense vampire bite on my arm!! It hurt like hell. I don’t think she remembers.


Random of the night:
This guy came up and hi-5’d me while I was wearing the hat. He was holding a smirnoff and looked pretty out of it but very friendly. We did a bit of a dance (he was pretty good!) .
A few minutes later he got into an altercation with another random and he left.

They started playing house music, which was when everyone left. In general it was a good night. It wasn’t too crowded to become stuffed and overheated, so you had your own space. The MC kept things moving and the mood was good. I would dare recommend this place again.


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  1. lazaras b says:

    just seen your web page really interested in coming to check out this great club ,heard heaps about it

  2. James says:

    its good if you like your rnb.. it wasnt as packed as the line suggests, so bring some friends if you wish to go.

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