About Dragonfly
Location – No. 1 Earl Place Potts Point

Website – http://www.dragonflysydney.com.au/

Bars – On the left of entry door is a inner room with a bar, and on the right is another bigger bar to service the loungers. You didn’t have to wait long at all for a drink. Service wise was good on the packed night.

Drink Pricing – $16 for a gin on ice and a vodka lemonade (small glass cups).

Food – Nil

Description – On entry is the rear dance floor. The DJ is on the left. The floor holds about 100 people, and occupies about 20% of the entire real estate. The first thing that catches your eye is the countless number of shiny disco balls along the ceiling.


The entire ceiling space above the dance area are shiny balls. It’s horrendously sexy. . The rest of the club is carpeted lounges, chairs, and along the walls around are elevated sit in areas for private functions. It is a one roomed club, about the same size as Havana.

About Taboo

Cover Charge – $20

Music – Commercial house throughout the entire night.

Crowd – Aussies and Euros. Even number of boys to girls. Everyone here was pretty.

Atmosphere – Crowded and fun. Big party atmosphere.

Repeat ? This is a weekly event.


I was going to attend to the Retro Hotel with some guys that night. Amy messaged me to ask if I would join her at Dragonfly. To hang with guys or girls? I’m sorry guys.

Getting past the bouncer

(History) Dragonfly is easily one of the most difficult clubs to get into. To gain entry into the club, you basically need to have a bevy of girls to come in, or be ridiculously good looking. Single or groups of guys are not allowed in. Last time I tried going alone, I was given the “you’re not a member of the club” excuse after I failed to show my ‘membership card’. I’ve even read a story where a sole black guy with his friends was rejected during line up because he wasn’t a “regular”. I felt disgusted reading that, but it was part of Dragonfly’s exclusivity.

(Tonight) Looking at the line, it was a lot of women. Nobody was getting refused entry. Maybe it was like this on a Saturday. I saw an asian couple lining up. I was expecting refusal, but they were let in as well. Maybe it was dead inside. The bouncers were, however, still trying to keep the quality of people to a high, and telling people in line that they were only letting people in with nice shoes. I looked down at my trusty sneakers. These were the only ones that let me dance without getting sore feet. The shiny leather shoes I have at home get too uncomfortable after an hour or so of dancing.

Our group was 3 guys and 3 girls. We should be okay if everyone passed the dress requirements. I was just worried about my trusty shoes. We got to the front of the line. Everyone showed their 2 forms of ID (yes, two) and the group was ushered in, except me.

I was stopped while the other 5 went inside that big door. I was secretly cursing my trusty shoes for failing me. I was waiting for their rejection line, but it didn’t materialize. They just told me to wait! I was dressed quite okay. I had a newly ironed shirt, my new Kenji jeans, and my trusty shoes on. In fact, I was probably the best looking guy in line (ha ha). Someone popped their head out of the door and told the bouncer I was with their group. The bouncers asked if I was with them. Hell yes I was with them ! I was granted entry past them big black doors.


First impressions (Just before midnight)

Past the second set of doors you get to basically see the whole place. It was a party atmosphere for sure. People were dancing and drinking. The floor was packed. It was just before midnight.

Jamesie goes to Hollywood

So basically the group took some seats. There was no room for me. I put on the neon wayfarer sunnies I obtained earlier that day and put them on. Then I ran to the floor. Holy crap did the sunnies cop a lot of attention or what!

  1. I was on the floor for about 10 seconds before some random guy asked to put them on. He ran a lap around the central bar with them.
  2. Random girl asks to put them on. It was her 22nd birthday. Couldn’t refuse.
  3. Random girl #2 asks for the sunnies. It was her friend’s Hen’s night. I got pulled right into a circle of adoring women. Did a mini grind + photo with the bride to be. I really didn’t know how to take it from there. Staying in the circle would’ve been weird, being skinny and the only guy there. I wasn’t a stripper and I wasn’t certainly going to play their little games. Maybe they were just using me for the sunnies. Fuck I’m such an overanalyst.
  4. Compliments from two girls: Helen and someone, lol. Had to take the photo with them, the photoslut I am.

Amy takes a facebook application to real life

Vampires and Warewolves. A fad right now going around in facebook. By about 1am, Amy had way too many smirnoffs and was all giddy.

If you chose to become a vampire or warewolf, the point was to bite and as many people as possible. Amy took a variation and decided to bite as many times as possible on the one guy. Luckily it wasn’t me, it was poor old Ernie* (I forget his name, but we shouted each other drinks and he was a pretty cool guy). imgp0528.JPG
Ernie hated every bite, and Amy would chase him to bite him, even after being told off not to do it. Ernie suffered about 9 visible bite marks to his upper chest.


My precious is stolen

I was getting too much attention. I put the sunnies on my head.

Suddenly I felt a *pinch* on my head as someone takes my sunnies. I turned around to see which chick wanted to wear them. I saw nobody looking back at me. I only saw people dancing. I spotted someone was walking away from me. It was probably him who took them, but he didn’t turn around. Fine, let him wear it. I’ll get it back later.

A few moments later, I turn around again. He’s nowhere to be found. I walk around the place, and I can’t find him!! How fucking bullshit is that.

Where ever you are: I hope you get fingered by the new-age fluoro haters when you wear those sunnies. and I hope Captain Hook is one of them. F*ckface.


We left after Amy had one too many. I got lost and I couldn’t find them outside the club, so I went back in, danced for another few hours and left 5am. It was surprisingly not dead at the time I left. People were really making the most of this long weekend.

Amy the drunken vampire on the left.



It’s a suave, stylish and sexy place to go, if you can get in.


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