Bar 333 – Friday 14th September

On September 14, 2007, in Bar 333, Hip Hop, House, Retro, RnB, by James Tran

Leadup: We were going to meet Brojo’s workmates at Hotel CBD. We saw Bar 333 and agreed to stop by for one drink…

About Bar 333:
Location: 333 George St
Atmosphere: Somewhat classy. A big mix of old and young. Everyone is really just here to have a drink.
Cover Charge: Free. It’s a bar !
The place itself: Bar 333 is two levels of bars and drinking. The dance floor is located upstairs. When you get upstairs, you see lots of lounges and people drinking. Look to the far right corner and you can see the small dancefloor. It is about the area of a single car garage. You could probably put 16 people on there before it gets squashed.
Music: Mix of RnB to House to Retro from the speakers.

Went straight to the little floor. Theres already A circle of 6 people and a couple. I’m feeling very lonely. The only place to dance was between the circle and against the wall. Nobody could see me. I was nothing. I left and sat with the guys who found some seats near the stairs in the middle of the top floor.

Air slapped
I took a chair, and suddenly a man in his 40s/50s goes right up to me and air-face-slaps me! argh! I was sitting on his jacket. I stood up, apologized and offered the seat back. He smiled and allowed me to sit. Brojo and Cherryl were wildly waving their arms in exasperation, telling me to sit normally like them along the wall. So I did. The jacket sat on its own in that comfy chair.

Mambo No. 5
There were two women dancing on the carpet near us. Everyone was gawking at them. 1 was pretty hot, and 2 was average. It’s always the girls who dance first. Swallowing my dutch courage, I went right up and danced with them.

Danced with 2 first, who wasn’t rejecting me, but wasn’t accepting too much. Just a smile and a continuation of dancing. Maybe it was her first time. She was probably mid 30’s. They hadn’t walked away so it was good. Danced with hottie 1 and she was pretty fun – late 20s my guess. I could literally feel all the eyes of the men all around looking at me as I danced with these two in the middle of the carpet.

After that, DJ plays a song, some more girls come up. Two women, 3 and 4 come up and tell me that I was “so cool!”. 3 and 4 were women in their 30s I hazard a guess. I was obliged to say thanks and give them both a dance. Brojo was dancing by this stage too, so we made a nice sandwich with girl 3.

After we finished with girls 3 and 4, I turned around. Girls 4 and 5, late 20 asians were standing and staring at me. We caught each others eyes. They both started some hypnotic hip dance but didn’t dance.. they walked away. Were they scared of me or leaving an impression?

Got back and danced with Cherryl, Brojo, and Jessica.

Suddenly I felt something. It was girl 6. A pretty thing named anna in a white outfit, grinding on me. How lovely. I wanted to jump on her. She had her own circle of friends of girls and guys. anna was a good dancer with her body. I really couldn’t tell if she was taken or not. My brain was pretty much yelling “omg is this really happening to me?”.

Girl 7, a friend of anna’s in a black one piece, tried to push anna onto me, so i rewarded her by going right up to her and giving her some dance. Usually girls would run away at this point but she opened up and let me dance, and she reciprocated! Haha that was funny. I think I told her “you’re too easy!”.

anna (6) and Girl 7
Girls 6 anna and 7, drunko

So, I joined back with my original group. Danced some more. I saw a camera flash. I caught someone taking a photo of me from the lounges! It was Girls 8 and 9 on a holiday to Sydney.

I made them take a proper photo of me. Girls 8 and 9 were sisters. I danced with the older sister.. and she was a machine. She just kept shaking her body like she was a walking mobile phone on permanent vibrate. I wanted the photos they took but they refused to give out their emails and wanted mine. I didn’t have a pen. No transaction happened.

All of this still while in the carpeted area outside of the dance floor. Crazy.

Off the carpet onto the floor…
We went to the dancefloor. It was totally packed. Cherryl had attracted the eyes of a business man in his 30’s. He was cool. He worshipped me. I didnt want him to. Cherryl had a fun time.

The music changed from modern, to house, to retro, and now some old school funk. We weren’t quite into it, so we left.

Won’t recommend this for a pure clubbing experience. If I find myself here for a drink though, I would definitely go upstairs and dance in the middle area where everybody can see you, and not the dark small dancefloor in the far corner.


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