APEC Thursday @ Cheers – September 6 2007

On September 6, 2007, in Cheers Nightclub, RnB, by James Tran

I can’t remember much, except it was a lot of drinking at roof, CBD and Slip Inn. I met with joe about midnight and didn’t go to Pavillion because they were cover charging tonight. It was really late. Brojo had just broken up. Where do we go? Cheers of course. Hilarious.

Cheers timeline
Packed when we got in. We drank. Then we danced on the small floor. Music was rnb. It was music played from CDs or something. Crowd still fobby asian.

I love you J-Kwon
I was so tipsy, I approached almost all the half decent girls and attempted to talk or slut dance with them. Wasn’t quite working. Wasn’t much room to show off because it was so packed with people dancing in this tiny room and its matching floor, so it was me and joe just bopping, waving our hands in the air. Pretty normal.

A free shot
I remember farting a lot that night. I let out a ripper and Brojo sniffed it. We moved to a couch where I hadn’t farted. Some song was playing. I stood up and danced when th chorus played. A group of 2 fob guys and 2 fob girls noticed and giggled. I did it again. They laughed. I dragged Brojo to their table and spoke. They said I wasn’t drunk. I certainly felt like shit. They wanted me to buy them drinks. Nope, no way I says. I told them they needed to buy me drinks. They agreed. Wow. A chick buying me drinks. There really is a man drought in Sydney.

No such thing as a free shot
Michelle, who was interested in me, bought us tequila shots. Cute koren girl didn’t want to talk to me. I choked on my tequila shot. The tequila went up my sinus and I was dribbling tequila out of my nose and mouth. A horrible stinging sensation all over. Yuck! The lights went on and we left. I got Michelle’s number, but she didn’t answer the next day. Totally got fob snobbed. unbelievable

We slept at Brojo’s workplace and caught the 7am home.


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