Leadup :
I was at Orient Hotel for a 21st. The music is playing my favourite house tunes but I barely know the birthday girl. Eventually after the music starts I mingle with the small crowd but Shelly messages me to come to Bamboo. She promises that Brojo and Meiny will be there. Shelly assures that if I say my name is Thomas on Lenny’s guestlist then I would get free entry all night. Ok, sweet. I head off to Bamboo to give it another chance.

About martin place bar:
It’s just a small bar with an outdoor smoking area and pokies at the back. Check out my previous bamboo post for details. Here are some photos I took:

Front : DJ Area
Front DJ Area. There is a podium in front. Jason the solo bum dancer shows us how to use it.

The rest of Martin Place bar
The view from the front to the back. Bar is on the right, outdoor area on the left.

Outdoor area facing North

About Bamboo:
Cover charge is free before 10:30 if you’re on the guestlist, otherwise its $20 for you. If you were on the guestlist but missed the deadline it was $15.

Music: Supposed to be pure Rnb but every hour or so the DJ at the time would play 2 or 3 house songs (they played songs like Fedde le Grand: Put your hands up, Sneaky Sound System: Pictures / I love it .. it was that type of electro house) which got me pumped as well as surprised at the DJ for playing it.. Maybe there is a general trend towards the house scene, well the electro flavour anyway.

Atmosphere: A night of Asians. Home of Jason the bum dancer on Saturday night. A more mature (older, not mental) crowd but also there seems to be more crazy violent Asians, especially outside. Inside was crowded and busy non-stop. Outside was where people had their ciggies and also had their best chance of chatting up the opposite sex. There was also a BBQ outside for hot dogs later that night. A nice place to recover from alcohol as well, which many did.

Entertainment: professional podium dancers came out to show their stuff, and they were sexy. They came on two occasions in the night. You could see all the men drooling, and all the girls wishing.

Tonight’s game was a booty shaking competition. (What a great society we live in where we reward girls to dance promiscuously) Here is a photo of one of the winners:

devil wins a prize
Horned devil dances like a possessed angel and wins a ticket to an rnb event. The boys love it.

My adventures
Special K le randem:
I get there and the line is about 15 minutes long. Soon a girl yells ‘James!?’ from ahead. I look up: My god, it’s Special K! I met Special K 2 years ago at a party. Ever since, we have just been bumping into each other at random places. I was at the very back of the line and she was at the front, so I got a nice leg up to the front. One of her friends only has a keycard as ID, and is refused entry by the bouncer. The whole group leaves.

The dangers of trusting someone:
“Lenny’s guestlist , my name is Thomas… I’m on Lenny’s guestlist and my name is Thomas..” I say to myself. The guestlist girl ticks me off and proceeds to give me my free pass in. She gives me a discounted pass for $15 instead. What!! Shelly had guaranteed that I would get free entry because it was a VIP guestlist. I couldn’t go back to the Orient Hotel – they started a cover charge fee when I left. What a bad start. I guess that’s karma for being a tight ass. I was still feeling the $25 from last night at space so I wasn’t a happy Jan.

The reason you go clubbing is to…
I met Shelly and her boyfriend Pedro. Met Pedro’s friends. Shelly said that Brojo and Meiny were coming. They never turn up that night. Pedro’s friends don’t dance and hang in the outdoor area. Pedro brings a deck of cards and performs magic tricks. Pretty cool. Where are the dancers in you though?!!? One of the older guys shows me a picture why he doesn’t dance anymore at clubs: the picture is of his 20 year old fiancé who works as a model. She is hot as. Thanks for the reminder that I don’t have a girlfriend to shag, mate.

Uptown, downtown, turn the beat around…
I’m finding it hard to find my rhythm, while I see other people dance on the 3 podiums. It is only when the DJ plays the occasional house track I was really truly jumping like a mexican jumping bean. That “uptown” line is from a house song I currently like.. I can’t think of any rnb songs that I am truly into. The closest would be any Snoop Dogg songs, because I’ve been a fan of him for a few years. What i’m trying to say is, I believe I am truly over rnb at asian places. I might have to check out some non asian rnb places if they exist (Tank on friday? Havana?), and see if I feel any different towards it.

Drunken Superwoman:
We’re in the outdoor area when a group of people came in, one of them unable to stand up. We helped put her on a chair. The moment she sat down, we slid to the floor and ended up face down, but she didn’t know any better. She was as happy as Larry while her friends were mad as hell at her for getting drunk. Her friends said she only had 2 drinks, haha. Meanwhile as they restrain her, she kept thinking she was superwoman who was high on marijuana of course, and managed to jump out of her chair and land on the floor again on her face. She felt no pain at all nor any remorse for the trouble she was causing her friends. Hilarious. I wanted to take pics, but her friends would have thought evil of me.

It the end of Bamboo as I club it
Shelly left at 1am. The boys didn’t last long either. Superwoman made up for a lacksture night. I bumped into Special K who came back in before I left. One last photo and it was off to Star City with Pedro’s friends for another adventure…

Special K

Entertainment and organisation was well done. Music would appeal for rnb lovers. Lack of repeating of songs, probably because I didnt stay long enough to endure it. Personally I just had one of those bad nights where I paid to get in despite the guestlist thing, and friends didnt turn up.


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